1. adjective
1) ((of a noun) referring to something which exists as an idea and which is not physically real: Truth, poverty and bravery are abstract nouns.) abstracto
2) ((of painting, sculpture etc) concerned with colour, shape, texture etc rather than showing things as they really appear: an abstract sketch of a vase of flowers.) abstracto

2. noun
(a summary (of a book, article etc).) resumen
abstract adj abstracto
tr[(adj-n) 'æbstrækt; (vb) æb'strækt]
1 (not concrete) abstracto,-a
1 (summary) resumen nombre masculino
transitive verb
1 (summarize) resumir
2 euphemistic use (steal) sustraer
in the abstract en abstracto
abstract noun nombre nombre masculino abstracto
abstract [æb'strækt, 'æb.-] vt
1) extract: abstraer, extraer
2) summarize: compendiar, resumir
abstract adj
: abstracto
abstractly [æb'stræktli, 'æb.-] adv
abstract ['æb.strækt] n
: resumen m, compendio m, sumario m
abstracto, -a adj.
resumen adj.
abstracto s.m.
compendio s.m.
extracto s.m.
resumen s.m.
abstraer v.
(§pres: -traigo, -traes...) pret: -traj-•)
extraer v.
(§pres: -traigo, -traes...) pret: -traj-•)
quitar v.
resumir v.
separar v.

I 'æbstrækt
adjective abstracto

II 'æbstrækt
a) (summary) resumen m, compendio m
b) (painting) cuadro m abstracto

III æb'strækt, əb'strækt
transitive verb (frml) \<\<idea\>\> abstraer*; \<\<substance\>\> extraer*
ADJ ['æbstrækt]
2. N
1) (=summary) resumen m , sumario m
2) (Art) pintura f abstracta

in the abstract — en abstracto

3. VT
1) (=remove) quitar; (Chem) extraer
2) (=steal) sustraer, robar
3) (=summarize) [+ book, article] resumir

to abstract o.s. — abstraerse (from de); ensimismarse

CPD ['æbstrækt]

abstract art N — arte m abstracto

abstract expressionism N — expresionismo m abstracto

abstract noun N — nombre m abstracto

* * *

I ['æbstrækt]
adjective abstracto

II ['æbstrækt]
a) (summary) resumen m, compendio m
b) (painting) cuadro m abstracto

III [æb'strækt, əb'strækt]
transitive verb (frml) \<\<idea\>\> abstraer*; \<\<substance\>\> extraer*

English-spanish dictionary. 2013.

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